Creation, future, challenge

We always believe

Advocate the right view of talent, follow precise standard of talent selection and use, respect and trust talents

Set the vision and goal of the enterprise, create a good developing platform, train and promote talents

Establish the mechanism of salary and benefit increase, improve the talent incentive system, encourage and stabilize talents

Creation, future, challenge

People oriented Those who use

Talent is the motive power, driving force and competitive force for the enterprise development. Strong staff makes strong enterprise. Somic will always adhere to the concept of “staying pragmatic and realistic, putting people foundametal”.

The times need talents, talents accomplish career. Somic seeks for talent like a thirsty person for water, and appoints people on their merit. No matter you are a doctor, master or senior technical staff, or you are a common laborer, manager, marketing staff or common R & D staff fighting on the front line of production, sales, R & D and service with your industrious hands and wisdom to hew out a career together with Somic, every one of you is an indispensable talent to drive Somic to innovate, develop and keep forward.

In the selection and promotion of talents, we insist on the principles of fairness, justice and openness. Also a scientific human resource management system has been established and improved, so that every competent, enterprising person can fulfill his / her value in Somic, and the Somic spirit of “paying efforts no less than anyone” will be truly implemented and carried forward to the society.